Bag Filter For Boiler Flue Gas

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We, at Techflow Enterprises Pvt Ltd, have been providing essential mechanisms to numerous industries like Cement, Kiln Exhaust, Mining and Minerals, Air Pollution Control Systems, Particle Board Manufacturing, Boilers Flue Gas, Coal Handling, Foundry & Steel, Solid Drying, Wood-Working & Laminates, Hot Gases and Fumes, Glass, and many more industries.

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Boiler Flue Gas

Boiler flue gases contains hazardous Nitrogen and Carbon component in the exaust, which causes severe health isssues and death in rare cases. Long term exposure in carbon monoxide coming out from the boiler can be deadly for humans. Boiler flue gases also contains acid water vapors particulate matter (PM).

In order to reduce the CO2 pollution and avoid health issues for workers working in plant it becomes critical to install filteration unit to treat the flue gas coming out of boiler.


Bag Filter For Boiler Flue Gas

Bag Filter For Boiler Flue gas are fundamentally used to cause steam for Power Plants, Sugar Mills, Chemical Plants, Process Houses, and more. To induce steam, these Boiler Flue gas use Renewable Solid Fuels, Energy, Electricity, LPG, Gas, and Oil. Out of the detailed fuels, solid fuels are the most affordable and the most used source though existing the most polluting. Seeking to maintain this solid fuel emission.

TECHNOFLOW produces and delivers a significantly efficient pollution control system. These systems go by many words globally, for example, Bag Filter For Boiler Flue gas, Pulse jet bag filter, De-dusting system, Pulse jet bag filter, ESP for boiler, Baghouse, and Bag Filter.

There are different types of pollution control equipment or bag filter to prevent the emission from different kinds of solid fuels like Bag Filter for Boiler Flue gas, Bag filters for Coal-fired boilers, Bag Filter for bagasse fired, Bag Filter for food and agriculture waste fired boilers, waste incineration boilers for trash to energy plants, bag filters for wood-fired boilers. TECHFLOW proudly supplies all of them as needed

Techflow is an authorized manufacturer and supplier of Bag Filter for Boiler Flue gas kind air pollution control systems based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. With exports globally, Techflow's customer-centric system and delivering the best resolution for controlling air pollution in industries has made it a trustworthy associate for many industry segments making it the best partner for catering to their demands for the best quality Bag Filter for Boiler Flue gas.

The primary plants where the air pollution control systems for boilers are normally delivered to are – Cement Plants, Steel Plants, Dairy, Power Plants, Paper, Chemical Plants, Sugar Mills, and Pharmaceuticals and processes Houses.

Based on the fuel and need for outlet emission, TECHFLOW innovates and supplies Pollution Control System and Pulse Jet Bag Filter for Boiler Flue gas. Describe below are the two main types of TECHFLOW-used pulse jet bag filters to regulate pollution of the boiler.


1. Offline Cleaned Pulse Jet Bag Filter for Boiler Flue gas

Division of Pulse-Jet baghouses is also possible. In this procedure, the gush of the filthy air into the compartments is controlled by the Isolation/Poppet valves fitted in the pure air plenum. There is a choice to equip individual compartments with either a single pulse valve that provides the set of bags with pressurized air or have the direct pulsing air blown into the blowpipes that are outside the bag rows in the compartment via particular pulsing valves.

The airflow through the compartment is eliminated during the cleaning cycle as the isolation damper closes. For the cleaning procedure, a blast of air is delivered into the bags via the preface of the pulse valve for about 0.2 seconds. During the pulsing procedure, the compartment remains offline. The period for that, however, can be longer or shorter as needed. The compartment is carried back on stream upon the intuitive reopening of the Isolation/Poppet. Via the procedure called Off-line Cleansing, until and unless all the bags in the baghouse have been cleansed, the alternate compartments are consecutively cleaned. While the baghouse always achieves very lower emission levels, It permits very specific bag cleaning as it is often used on fabric filters installed on lower bulk density product/dust.


2. Online Cleaned Pulse Jet Bag Filter for Boiler Flue gas

Where the heavy particles fall out of the airstream, the dust-laden air penetrates the hopper. The light particles are trapped in the air which as an outcome rise into the filter bags. The passing of air via the filter bags results in the dust molecules being collected on the outside surface of the filter bags as the cleansed air gets exhausted through the collector. The jets of compressed air, at specific intervals, passed via the venturis thru pulse and blowpipes. This contains a briefly reversing robust flow of secondary air via the bags. This leads to the production of an inner shock wave that causes the bag to pressurize and turn outwards as the shock crosses down the length of the bag.

The procedure lets the dislodgement of the dust of the inverted airflow on the outside of the bag which then falls into a collection hopper. Airflow via a row of bags is reversed via this procedure, but just for a brief second. Throughout the dust collector, this then results in a constant state of airflow. The Cleaning Operation is easily controlled and adjusted Via a Solid State timer. The perfect regulation of the timer is enabled and managed by a differential force gauge. To minimize the pressurized air consumption in the operation, the pulse gaps and durations can be accurately and absolutely adjusted at the timer.


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